• Intaglio • 161A45

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Fri 6–9pm/ Jan 29–May 6  No class Apr 15 Introduction to copper etching using Baldwins Ink Ground (BIG). Learn basic intaglio techniques on copper utilizing a non-traditional hard ground mixed with some traditional material. Classes will ...

    Sam Guerrero  
    Jan. 29-May. 6
    Fri 6-9pm Past_exhib_class_canceled
  • Screen Printing • 161W50

    Class / 6 sessions / $130 / Room 102 / Wed 6–9pm / Mar 30–May 4 Learn basic screen-printing techniques! Students will use hand-drawn, photographic, and digital images to produce multilayered prints. Special emphasis will be placed on how to make transparencies in Photoshop, crea...

    Noah Matteucci  
    Mar. 30-May. 4
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_nmatteucci_01
  • Experiential Printmaking • 161A47

    Class / 10 sessions / $210 / Room 103 / Tue 6–9pm / Jan 26–Mar 29  You will be challenged to reimagine what a print is. We may use Plexiglass, masonite, mat board, copper or some other surface to print from. Likewise, we may print with water media or oil media col...

    George Woollard  
    Jan. 26-Mar. 29
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_experiential_gwoollard_01
  • Lithography: The Art of Drawing and Painting on Stone • 161A44

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Sat 9am–noon / Jan 30–May 7  No class Feb 27 This course begins with an introduction to basic stone lithography, then branches out to include other print processes. The course is structured with an emphasis on personal artistic devel...

    David Smith  
    Jan. 30-May. 7
    Sat 9am–noon Past_exhib_dsmith_01
  • Screen Printing • 161W51

    Class / 6 sessions / $130 / Room 102 / Wed 6–9pm / Jan 27–Mar 2 Gain a strong understanding of the screen-printing process. Learn techniques to create your image and transparencies without the use of a computer. Make art prints on paper, t-shirts, and fabric. Perf...

    Travis Sasaki  
    Jan. 27-Mar. 2
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_class_full
  • Intaglio II • 161W46

    Workshop / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Wed 9–noon / Feb 10 - May 11 Learn advanced techniques of intaglio printmaking using safer materials. Baldwins Ink Ground (BIG) offers traditional results with less toxicity. Expand upon techniques learned in Intaglio I. Advanced plate prepar...

    Denise Karabinus  
    Feb. 10-May. 11
    Wed 9am-noon Past_exhib_dkarabinus_01
  • Monoprints Made Easy: CitraSolv Transfers • 161W49

    Workshop / 3 sessions / $100 / Room 103 / Tue 6–9pm / Apr 19–May 3 For many people, the thought of making a Monoprint is a little intimidating because of its painterly nature or the fact that so much work goes into the production of a single print. This three-day workshop will s...

    Sam Guerrero  
    Apr. 19-May. 3
    Tue 6-9pm Past_exhib_sguerrero_01
  • Crossover Prints: Polyester Plate Lithography/Woodcut • 161W48

    Workshop / 12 sessions / $245 / Room 103 / Mon 6–9pm / Jan 25–April 11 Combine expressive line and photo imagery printed from polyester plates with shapes and textures from a woodcut. Flexible, versatile polyester plates are easy to print and combined with the broad fo...

    Noah Matteucci and Laura Smith  
    Jan. 25-Apr. 11
    Mon 6-9pm Past_exhib_lsmwith_01