• Introduction to Printmaking • PMSG162W36

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $150 / Room 103 / Sat 9-Noon / Jul 9-Aug 13 This workshop is an introduction to the processes, materials and methods used in printmaking. It is intended for those who have had no to little experience and are interested in giving it a try. In addition to learning to use ma...

    Sam Guerrero  
    Jul. 9-Aug. 13
    Sat 9-Noon Past_exhib_prints2014-1842
  • Experiential Printmaking • PMGW162W44

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $150 / Room 103 / Tue 6-9pm / Jul 12-Aug 16 You will be challenged to reimagine what a print is. We may use Plexiglass, masonite, mat board, copper or some other surface to print from. Likewise, we may print with water media or oil media colors. The emphasi...

    George Woollard  
    Jul. 12-Aug. 16
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_experiential_gwoollard_01
  • Screen Printing / Jul 6-Aug 10 • PMNM162W42

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $130 / Room 102 / Wed 6–9pm / Jul 6-Aug 10 Learn the basics and have a strong understanding of the Screenprinting process.  Create multi-color prints without the use of computer using a variety of techniques. Perfect for the total beginner as well as those...

    Noah Matteucci  
    Jul. 6-Aug. 10
    Wed 6-9pm Past_exhib_screenprint