• Intaglio • 151A52

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Wed 9am-noon / Jan 21-April 29  No class March 18  Learn the basic techniques of intaglio printmaking using safer materials. BIG (Baldwin Ink Ground) offers traditional results with less toxicity. Learn sandpaper and powdered sugar aqu...

    Denise Karabinus  
    Jan. 21-Apr. 29
    Wed 9am–noon Past_exhib_clasess_coming_04
  • Screen Printing • 151A54

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 102 / Wed 6-9pm / Jan 21-April 29  No class March 18 Using hand-drawn and photographic images, students learn to use photomechanical techniques to develop multicolor screen prints. Students learn basic screen printing, multiple-layer registration...

    Rob Molyneux  
    Jan. 21-Apr. 29
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_02
  • Experiential Printmaking • 151A55

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Tue 6-9pm / Jan 20-April 28  No class March 17 You could say we are experimenting, but the idea is to build on our experiences and let the process lead. The emphasis is on producing high-quality works that use the press as a foundation...

    George Woollard  
    Jan. 20-Apr. 28
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_01
  • Lithography: The Art of Drawing and Painting on Stone • 151A59

    Class / 14 sessions / $280 / Room 103 / Sat 9am-noon / Jan 24-May 2 No class Feb 28 This course begins with an introduction to basic stone lithography, then branches out to include other print processes. The course is structured with an emphasis on personal artistic development. ARTWORK B...

    David Smith  
    Jan. 24-May. 2
    Sat 9am–noon Past_exhib_clasess_coming_01
  • Poly-plate Lithography • 151W65

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $120 / Room 103 / Mon 6-9pm / Jan 26-March 2 Polyester-plate printing is a nontoxic, quick, and easy approach to traditional lithography. In this class, students work directly on the surface of the plate, experimenting with digital and hand-drawn marks and materials,...

    Noah Matteucci  
    Jan. 26-Mar. 2
    Mon 6-9pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_03
  • Improv Printmaking • 151A56

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $120 / Room 103 / Mon 6-9pm / March 30-May 4 With a focus on full bleed monoprints on Eastern papers, each class will be a chance to push the boundaries of paper as printed object and ultimately create a process-driven body of work. Students will engage with a variety of ...

    Marika Emi  
    Mar. 30-May. 4
    Mon 6-9pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_02