• Sculpture • 151W50

    Workshop / 6 sessions / $150 / Room 102 / Tue 6-9pm / March 24-April 28 Study the elements and principles of three–dimensional design through the creation of a small-scale sculpture. Participants are introduced to the traditions of additive and subtractive sculpture: using the versati...

    Maya Portner  
    Mar. 24-Apr. 28
    Tue 6–9pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_03
  • The Art of Soldering • 151A49

    Class / 14 sessions / $250 / Room 202 / Sun 1-4pm / Jan 25-April 26 No class Apr 5 Learn soldering techniques to fabricate free-standing sculptures. Instructor will show you the step-by-step process of soldering and fusing copper wire to form mass, from concept to finished piece, as y...

    Clyde Oishi  
    Jan. 25-Apr. 26
    Sun 1-4pm Past_exhib_clasess_coming_04