Meet the Artist: Gaye Chan

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    Photographer and conceptual artist Gaye Chan.

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Meet the Artist: Gaye Chan

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Honolulu Museum of Art

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Meet the artists who are in the exhibition Hawai‘i Art Now. Each Wednesday from Feb 15 to April 18, we offer an encounter with an artist who is in Hawai‘i Art Now. A docent will lead you on a tour of the show, where an artist will be on hand to discuss his or her work. This week's artist is Gaye Chan.

About Chan's work in the exhibition:

As a part of her ongoing efforts to take her work beyond spaces designated for art, Gaye Chan co-founded Eating in Public (EIP) in 2003. EIP has grown and shared food on private/public land, set up a "chain" of free stores where anyone and everyone can leave or take goods, implemented an anarchist recycling system on the island of O'ahu. “We do this to make fun of, and make trouble with, the State," writes Chan. "We want to show that the commons can still exist right in the middle of the capitalist/state regime. And we can take care of each other while we take care of ourselves.”

In 2012 EIP began establishing seed-sharing stations to counter the efforts by corporations like Monsanto to genetically-modify, patent and control seeds. Seed-sharing is an ancient practice throughout the world. It is currently under threat by big industrial seed corporations who want to patent seeds, prevent people from sharing them so we will always be forced to buy from them. Seed-sharing is crucial to our freedom, autonomy from capitalism and crucial for our collective survival.

Working stations like this have been implemented at places such as Kokua Kalihi Valley, Sweet Home Waimanalo, farmers markets, and the Honolulu Museum of Art School.