Meet the Artist: Esther Shimazu

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    Esther Shimazu, b.1957, Honolulu, Hawai’i, lives in Kailua, O‘ahu. E…

Tour Name:

Meet the Artist: Esther Shimazu

Tour Date:

Wednesday Apr 18 10:15 AM


Honolulu Museum of Art

Event Information:

Meet the artists who are in the exhibition Hawai‘i Art Now. Each Wednesday from Feb 15 to April 18, we offer an encounter with an artist who is in Hawai‘i Art Now. A docent will lead you on a tour of the show, where an artist will be on hand to discuss his or her work. This week's artist is Esther Shimazu. 

Here is Esther's statement about her work Cool Ox:

This was part of a Chinese zodiac series. I thought about each animal in terms of my favorite people who were born in those years, plus any folk or literary references that came to mind. The Ox meant Grandma Masako, my mother's mother. The running (or not) joke was that she was an ox and more apt to move slowly, as compared to her husband, a flashier horse. A complete load of hooey. So the horse piece was red and galloping and the ox is cool blue and walking.  The rider is pressed close and listening. Although I never knew my issei  grandparents well due to language and distance (they were all on Maui and I was a Honolulu-born Japanese school dropout), from what I could tell, Masako was the feistiest and funniest and the best source of stories. I feel like these qualities have passed on into my work on clay.