Book Club: The Divine Comedy: Inferno

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Book Club: The Divine Comedy: Inferno

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Wednesday Aug 29 01:00 PM Saturday Sep 01 01:00 PM


Honolulu Museum of Art

Event Information:

*Due to the impending severe weather of Hurricane Lane, the tour scheduled for Saturday, Aug 25 at has been rescheduled for Saturday, Sep 1.*

Docent: Nancy Miwa

The Divine Comedy: Inferno
by Dante Alighieri

Hell is a visually compelling realm of the underworld thanks in large part to Dante Alighieri’s version in the first volume of this epic poem. In Inferno, Dante condemns sinners to various forms of punishment, beginning with the least egregious (adulterers) to the worst (traitors) as seen through the lens of his 14th-century Florentine worldview. Descriptions of hell still bear his imprint today. We will discuss Allen Mandelbaum’s verse translation.      

About Book Club:
Read a book selected to connect with museum artwork, then dicuss in a relevant gallery.

Information: 532-3621