Janetta Napp: breezeways

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    Janetta Napp. 'untitled / rivers //," 2010. Oil on canvas.

  • Exhib_slideshow_janetta_napp_rising

    Janetta Napp. "untitled / rising ///," 2010. Oil on canvas.

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November 11, 2011 - December 11, 2011
Academy Art Center

Exhibition Overview

Inspired by microbiology, Janetta Napp begins her works by assembling small hand-size sculptures made from found objects. She then paints the still-life models into an imagined environment. Her fascination with laboratories and natural history collections has led to a personal classification system, noted in the titles. Napp is also fascinated by change and movement. “I enjoy creating forms," says the artist, "finding and searching for images, a visible language of things not yet seen.”