Sharon Sussman: Po‘i Nā Nalu / Jesse Christensen: Forbidden Image

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    Sharon Sussman. "Po‘i Na Nalu 3"

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    Jesse Christensen. "Forbidden Image #41"

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March 13, 2012 - April 22, 2012
Spalding House Café

Exhibition Overview

Sharon Sussman painted all the works in her series Po‘i Nā Nalu from the same spot looking at the same wave break on the North Shore over a period of six months. Her works describe the rhythm and life cycle of the break, the water, and the day, not the wave itself.

Jesse Christensen’s five wall sculptures from his Forbidden Image series offer a wry and off-center anthropological tweak of the “primitive” artifact. Constructed of wood and computer parts, they suggest masks, temple maps or ritual objects of an ancient extraterrestrial cargo cult.

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