Art in Conversation: Mark Feijão Milligan on 30 Americans

Arminda Gandara, HoMA Public Programs Manager:

Welcome to Art in Conversation. Mark Feijão Milligan is a Brooklyn and Honolulu based artist. Milligan reflects on the topics of visibility and representation in the exhibition 30 Americans, located in Galleries 27 and 28.


Mark Feijão Milligan II, Brooklyn and Honolulu based artist:

My name is Mark Feijão Milligan II. As a black male within this culture at this time I rarely feel experiences where I walk into an institution and I feel like there is a proper representation of who I am as a person, as a whole person. And to walk into an exhibit where the representation is accurate is a beautiful thing.


To have that representation expressed by some of the most profound contemporary artists of our time, just takes it to another level. It creates a space where the dialogues that we have going on within ourselves internally are up on the walls and being approached with the same importance and value associated with any of the artists.


We have some of the most profound contemporary artists represented within this show, dealing with the dialogues we have going on internally. At the same time dealing with the proper representation of the black experience. This being a dialogue that is actually necessary for us as a whole. This is a dialogue that should have an internally but also within our community.


This exhibition creates a space where that can start to happen. Where people can start to approach ideas and concepts that at first may make you feel uncomfortable but are necessary conversation. They are the only way we are going to be able to work through these issues we have had historically and project into the future.