Virtual field trips

The best way to learn about art is to experience it. HoMA’s digital virtual field trips invites students to engage in art, even from a distance, by seeing, making, and talking about art!

Elements of Art Series

In this digital virtual field trip series, students will explore the elements of art. Each element will be dissected by looking at works from our collection alongside an art activity lead by one of our Teaching Artists. Feel free to use our videos in the classroom and download our resource PDFs to use as handouts.

Inspire creativity and encourage art vocabulary!

Color (grade K–5)

A transformative and vibrant element, students will discover how color creates change, evokes emotions, and impacts our senses through the art of collage.

Shape (grade K–5)

A dynamic and unique element, shape will be explored through a variety of mediums, followed up by an exploration of shape through the art of Notan.

Line (grade 6–12)

One of the fundamental building blocks of art, students will explore the vast qualities of line and use what they learn to create a unique paper project.

Space (grade 6–12)

Investigate the element of space through our collection as we look at distance and area around and within shapes from Cézanne to Hawai‘i’s Satoru Abe.