Pecha Kucha Plastic Kucha Night

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Pecha Kucha Plastic Kucha Night


June 10, 2016 07:00pm-09:00pm


Spalding House

Event Information:

Free • Part of programming for Plastic Fantastic?

At PechaKucha Night creative people share ideas and current projects through six-minute presentations. In this special Plastic Fantastic? edition, artists, designers, and professionals share work that relates to the many issues surrounding plastic. Plus it’s a rare chance to experience Spalding House at night!

Presenters (in presenting order):

• Kahi Pacarro, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
• Jan Dickey + Jaimey Hamilton Farris on plastiglomerate, University of Hawai‘i
• Howard Wiig
• Julia Cornell, HoMA teaching artist for Plastic Fantastic?
• Corinna Bailey, 3form
• Rob McConnell, BYU Graphic Design professor
• Dr. Guido Lozada, plastic surgeon
• Kathleen Crabill, Nurdles in the Rough
• Eric Johnson, artist director Honolulu Theatre for Youth
• Shannon McCarthy, artist

Food: Flyin' Ahi food truck
Drink: Beer bar and water dispensers (bring your water bottle and fill it up!)

The event is free, but because seating is limited, reservations are a must.
To book a spot, please email:, put "PechaKucha Plastic" in the subject line.

Guests are encouraged to use our free shuttle service from the Honolulu Museum of Art School parking lot, located at 1111 Victoria Street, with entrances on Beretania and Young Streets. You can park in the lot for free.

Stalls at Spalding House are limited, and street parking is not permitted.

What to bring:

• Mat. You'll be sitting on the lawn outside the Spalding House Cafe. Some mats will be provided. Bring your own for a guaranteed seat!

• Water bottle—we want our events to have as small a waste footprint as possible, so bring your own water bottle if you can. There will be two water dispensers.