Transform Plants into Paper!

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Transform Plants into Paper!


November 18, 2017 09:30am-01:00pm


Spalding House

Event Information:

In this workshop we will make beautiful handmade paper with natural plant fibers and recycled paper. Explore a variety of plants grown in Hawaii that produce fiber used in papermaking. Each step in the process of turning fiber into paper will be covered: harvesting, beating, cooking, blending and sheet formation...from “seed to sheet." We will create paper covering a variety of design technics embedding materials such as dried flowers, seeds, thread, and also explore the creation of three-dimensional forms. 

Price: $45 general | $35 museum members

Instructor: Betty Gearen worked for eighteen years as an artist and art educator. She is the founder of The Green House Center for Sustainability which fosters fun while learning to care for Mother Nature. Workshop activities inspire a love for the natural world through exploration and hands-on, hands-dirty activities, planting seeds for growing a lifelong relationship with the ʻaina.