The Horse Thief 盗马贼

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The Horse Thief 盗马贼


Saturday Feb 17 01:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Part of 吴天明 Wu Tianming Tribute.

Admission: Free

This film will screen with no subtitles.

Directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang. 1986. China. 88 min. Mandarin.
As producer and head of Xi’an Film Studios, Wu Tianming focused on the deep cultural rationalities of China, producing films such as Tian Zhungzhuang’s The Horse Thief, a visually sumptuous look at Tibet’s stark beauty and ethnic minorities in a homogenously portrayed country. When Tibetan bandit Norbu is charged with stealing from his temple, his clan banishes him and his family. Marginalized in a harsh landscape, Norbu’s family struggles. When his son falls ill and dies, Norbu vows to change his ways and seeks reintegration with his clan. However, Norbu stuggles with his newfound morality.

When first released in the U.S., Martin Scorsese called The Horse Thief “that rare thing—a genuinely transcendental film.”

Read the New York Times review.

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