Blue Road + Surfing the South Island of New Zealand

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    Blue Road


Blue Road + Surfing the South Island of New Zealand


Thursday Jul 12 07:30 PM
Saturday Jul 14 04:00 PM
Wednesday Aug 01 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

Part of Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2018.

The surf trip documentary has been a staple of the genre since the days of The Endless Summer. Re-experience this classic format through the eyes of these female surfers.

Total runtime: 83 min.

Surfing the South Island of New Zealand
Directed by Apolla Echino. 2016. Canada / New Zealand. 39 min.
Canadian filmmaker Apolla Echino was tired of seeing men get to have all the fun in adventure films and is on a one-woman mission to turn the camera on the female traveler. The latest chapter in the series, A Woman’s Guide to the World is a winter surf trip across the stunning South Island of New Zealand.

Blue Road
Directed by Alena Ehrenbold. 2017. Hawaiʻi / Switzerland. 44 min. English, French, and German with English subtitles.
Seeking answers to questions of life, three surfers—Annabel, Rachel, and Alena—embark on a lifetime adventure to Hawaiʻi, the birthplace of surfing.

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