CAFF 2019 Opening Night: Animation Inspiration

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CAFF 2019 Opening Night: Animation Inspiration


Friday May 17 07:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

Part of The Cultural Animation Film Festival 2019.

Animation Inspiration: Inspiring animated films from around the world. 

We kick off this year's fest with cultural dance performances from Oceania. Our opening night program brings together short animated films from Hawaiian, Taiwanese, Aboriginal, Brazilian, Athabaskan, Japanese, British, Baniwa, Dessana, Tukano, Ecuadorian, Tongan, Maori, Bolivian, children with special needs cultures.

Total runtime: 82 min

After the screening join us for a talk story session—Social Issues in Cultural Animation, moderated by Taylour Chang.
Panelists: Mother’s Sleeping director Paulsy Casely-Hayford, additional panelists to be announced.

Pulelehua - Hawaiian
Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Pulelehua is created from the perspective of a monarch butterfly on its favorite crown flower, as Queen Lili‘uokalani smiles in adoration. As evident as the metamorphosis of a butterfly (Pulelehua), or flowers in bloom, LOVE transforms! Pulelehua is made in honor of Hawai'i's beloved Queen Lili‘uokalani, who was inspired by nature and encouraged her kingdom to live aloha.

A Gong
- Taiwanese
Directed by Zozo Jhen, Tena Galovic, Marine Varguy, Yen-Chen Liu, Ellis Kayin Chan. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
The journey of a 7 year-old boy's acceptance of his grandpa's death in a traditional Taiwanese funeral.

7 Sisters - Aboriginal 
3 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Long ago in the tjukurpa, seven sisters travelled through the country pursued by Nyiru, a dangerous trickster. As they crossed the desert landscape, Nyiru would mischievously change shape to try to catch the sisters. This short film was created in a workshop at the 19th Remote Indigenous Media Festival in Irrunytju, Western Australia.

Caminho dos Gigantes (Way of Giants) – Brazilian
Directed by Alois Di Leo. 12 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
In a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.

Kai and Honua - Hawaiian
Directed by Kari Noe. 3 min.
Before life on the planet there was only water and darkness, and Kai loved it. Kai would spend his time enjoying the serenity of the stars overhead and the mirror like quality of his ocean below him. When a being similar to himself suddenly appears, his world changes dramatically.

Boy in the Moon - Athabaskan
Directed by Sam Osborne. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
In the midst of famine, an Athabaskan community must trust a small child to provide the medicine they need to survive. Originally recorded on wax cylinder by linguist Edward Sapir as told by John Fredson, this traditional story has been faithfully retold as part of the Language Keepers series, a project that strives to harness the power of language to highlight culturally unique stories with revitalization.

Down the Red Dirt Road – Japanese
Directed by Gavin Arucan. 3 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A young boy living out his childhood in rural Kauai must confront the realities of growing up.

Boudica a Norfolk Story - British
Directed by Emma Calder. 5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Despite a gap of nearly two thousand years, Boudica remains at the forefront of public imagination. Her story has been passed down the generations from the original writings of the Romans and her story has been continually reinvented to serve as a woman of our age. This film shows Boudica and the Iceni tribe and their rebellion against the Romans in first
century Britain. The film contrasts the worlds of the indigenous people and
their Roman Invaders.

Water Lily’s Tale - Baniwa, Dessana and Tukano
Directed by André Wissenbach. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Based on indigenous tales related to the origin of Amazonian fruits and plants. The animations are part of the collection of the Museum of the City of Manaus.

AYA—Spirit of our Ancestors - Ecuadorian
Directed by Edison Fuentes. 5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
At dawn, an old country man finishes up his harvest day and goes to an old tree for some rest while he plays his old flute. His fatigue conquers him and he falls asleep, suddenly the wind blows off the old man's hat with such intensity that it takes it into the cornfield. He runs after it without knowing what's yet to come, an unexpected encounter...

You, The Choice of My Parents - Tongan
Directed by Meli Tuqota Jr. 4 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
An animated journey of the poem You, The Choice of My Parents by Konai Helu Thaman.

The Legend of Mataora & Niwareka - Maori
Directed by Hika Taewa. 3 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Adaptation of an ancient Maori narrative about the legend of Mataora and Niwareka, who were responsible for bringing the art of Ta Moko and Tanik to the world.

Symphony of birds | No Ka Huliau (Changes) - Hawaiian
Directed by Laura Margulies. Composed by Jon Magnussen. 3min
No Ka Huliau (Changes) begins in the peaceful, original native Hawaiian habitat, showcasing beautiful birds living then. Destructive threats enter the scene, including invasive animals and insects, creating a challenging environment to the native birds. The birds' natural habitat eventually transforms to our modern-day urban environment collection get an unexpected glimpse back in time to another world.

Abuela Grillo - Bolivian
Directed by Denis Chapon. 13 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
When Abuela Grillo sings, rain comes. She has been mistreated by the country farmers because of her singing a bit too much. She decides to leave, with tragic consequences.

Cuerdas (Rope) - Children with special needs 
Directed by Pedro Solis. 11 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Maria's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

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