CAFF 2019 Family Film Sunday: Keiki Cartoons!

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CAFF 2019 Family Film Sunday: Keiki Cartoons!


Sunday May 19 01:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Part of The Cultural Animation Film Festival 2019.

Keiki Cartoons!: A special selection of animated short films for kids and kids at heart.

Our closing program brings together family friendly short animated films from around the world. Hawaiian, Zuni, Senegalese, British, Baniwa, Dessana, Tukano, Inuit, Korean, Japanese, Bolivian, children with special needs, Mesoamerican, Culhua, Mexican, Zapotec, Mixtec, Okinawan and Japanese cultures are represented.

Admission: Free

Total runtime: 89 min.

After the screening, join us at Family Sunday presented by Bank of Hawai’i Foundation for a meet and greet with local comic book artists and publishers of cultural content.

Florencio y Lupita - Mexican
Directed by Nath Lestrange. 2 min.
This is the story of Florencio, a humble Catrina who wants to make Lupita fall in love through her talent as Mariachi. This animation is a student project created in Colombia.

How Coyote and Eagle Stole the Sun and Moon - Zuni 
Directed by Erica Pretty Eagle Moore. 3 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A short, animated Zuni creation story about how we got winter.

Doudou - Senegalese
Directed by Yarden Cohen. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A stop motion animation presenting the story of pioneer Senegalese drummer, Doudou N'diaye Rose. A master percussionist who was named a ‘living human treasure’ by Unesco in 2006. Doudou's journey to becoming a drum master against his family's will happened while traveling deep into the West African countryside to develop his talent. Once N’diaye had learned “more than 100 different rhythms”, elders named him the new chief drum-major, "mathematician of rhythm”. He fulfills his destiny as a leader of huge drummers orchestras and develops the polyrhythmic heritage of sub-Saharan music.

Kai and Honua - Hawaiian
Directed by Kari Noe. 3 min.
Before life on the planet there was only water and darkness, and Kai loved it. Kai would spend his time enjoying the serenity of the stars overhead and the mirrorlike quality of his ocean below him. When a being similar to himself suddenly appears, his world changes dramatically.

Water Lily’s Tale
- Baniwa, Dessana and Tukano 
Directed by André Wissenbach. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Based on indigenous tales related to the origin of Amazonian fruits and plants. The animations are part of the collection of the Museum of the City of Manaus.

Mirage - Inuit 
Directed by Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace. 9 min. Hawai’i Premiere. School of Visual Arts thesis film, 2013.
A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness. 

‘Eleu the Hawaiian Monk Seal - Hawaiian
Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
‘Eleu, The Hawaiian Monk Seal is a glimpse of a sprightly monk seal on a spirited journey through Oceania. Learn about dangers that threaten the survival of this species.

The Prince's Test - Korean
Directed by Amy Hyeryung Park. 5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Based on the ancient Dangun myth, the story follows Yaeri, an eager seamstress to the celestial court, who was commissioned by none other than the prince to design a dress for an unusual client.

Down the Red Dirt Road – Japanese
Directed by Gavin Arucan. 3 min. Hawai’i Premiere
A young boy living out his childhood in rural Kauai must confront the realities of growing up.

Hedgehog - Childhood
5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A little boy speaks about hedgehogs all the time to everybody.

Louis - Children with special needs
Directed by Violaine Pasquet. 9 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Louis is a 10-year-old boy who became deaf as a toddler. He likes to play with his favorite pets: snails. But he still has to face the challenge of school.

Maker's Hale - Learning Culture in Hawai‘i Communities
Directed by Riley Anne Rodriguez and Celeste Yukiko Endo. 4 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Come in and explore the Maker’s Hale, where we’ve been cultivating a culture of learning through many different styles! This film has been made by the afterschool Tink Think Tank Tech Team (T5) to share the kinds of projects we’ve been working on in our Hawai‘i elementary classroom.

Cuerdas (Rope) - Children with special needs
Directed by Pedro Solis. 11 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Maria's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

Kajadifu - Okinawan
Directed by Sophia Whalen. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A short film highlighting the Okinawan music scores at the University of Hawai‘i's Hamilton Library.

Ambivalent - Student animation
Directed by Willow Otaka. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Animated music video.

CEMANAHUAC Before Time and Motion - Mesoamerican (Culhua Mexica, Zapotec, Mixtec)
Directed by Daniel González. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Based on the Mexican myth of the creation of the sun and moon.

Aiko and the Spicy Noodles - Japanese
Directed by Bailee Kawamura. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Aiko is a young Japanese-American girl who's tired of feeling cooped up in her home. After trying to get her mother's attention, and failing, she leaves home on her bike. She rides into the forest behind her house, pedaling away from her problems and towards adventure. Suddenly, Aiko stumbles upon a random ramen shop where she finds a mysterious chef. He gives her a bowl of ramen and she is hit by how hot the ramen is. She runs out and is suddenly struck by a spicy surprise!

Abuela Grillo - Bolivian
Directed by Denis Chapon. 13 min.
When Abuela Grillo sings, rain comes. She has been mistreated by the  country farmers who find her singing a bit too much. She decides to leave, with tragic consequences.

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