Émerger + Unsurfed Afghanistan

Saturday, July 25 at 4pm

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Two surfers on their journeys to introduce and elevate the sport of surfing in their home countries.

Directed by Tyler Dunham. 2020. USA / Senegal.14 min.
Khadjou Sambe was the first woman to surf in her hometown of Dakar, Senegal. In doing so, she emerged from a patriarchal system to become an icon for black women surfers everywhere and pave the way for the next generation.

Unsurfed Afghanistan
Directed by Nico Walz. 2020. Germany / Afghanistan. 29 min.
Filmed on three continents, Unsurfed Afghanistan is a documentary film that follows surfer Afridun Amu’s journey back to his home country with the help of some river surfers to find surfable waves and bring a drop of joy to the people there. The group battles with continual challenges on their ten day journey from raging whitewater to culture clashes. Their inspiring mission uncovers a long lost mystical side of a country battling with conflict through breathtaking landscapes and the desire to discover something new.

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