Global Currents

Friday, July 24 at 8pm

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Surfing started from our islands and have reached others far across the oceans. See personal stories from surfers in their Island homelands.

Poisson Cru
Directed by Olivier Sautet. 2020. France / Tahiti. 15 min. French with English subtitles.
Matahi Drollet has been surfing on his home island of Tahiti since he was a child. See him push his boundaries and show you how it’s done on one of surfing’s most legendary spots—Teahupo’o.

7 Lessons from Japan
Directed by Rafael Mellin and Gustavo Ferolla. 2020. Brazil / Japan. Portuguese and Japanese with English subtitles.
Japanese-Brazilian surfer Dennis Tihara takes us on a high energy tour of modern Japan and shows us how surfing has become a beloved sport in the land of the rising sun.

Directed by Matic Carl and Maja Žerak. 2019. Canary Islands. 30 min. Spanish with English subtitles.
The Canary Islands boast some of the best weather and waves in Europe. Local surfer Sofía De Tomás shows us why as she recounts her journey from childhood to surfing champion.

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