Rising Tide with Zak Noyle 2020

Sunday, August 2 at 4pm

View the live stream via the player below.

Rising Tide with Zak Noyle returns for a second year to showcase a new class of Hawaiʻi’s own talented filmmakers. This new class of selections will be joined by updates from the 2019 class to share what they’ve been up to this past year.

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Zak Noyle

About our guest curator:
Zak Noyle, an outdoor photographer with a truly unique perspective on surf and sea. Based on the Hawaiian island of O‘ahu, Zak spends countless hours in the water, creating dramatic imagery and artful interpretations of the world’s most magnificent ocean environment. He captures an insider’s view, seldom seen, of the beauty and raw power of this offshore world from his perspective besides navigating the waves with just his camera and fins. Zak has taken his work beyond the waves and his clients range from Apple, Audi, Aqualung, Instagram, Chanel, Lululemon, RedBull and various other global clients. He has worked with international athletes from Micheal Phelps to Kelly Slater and everyone in between, if it involves water there is a good chance Zak has photographed it. Surf photography requires a certain level of careful planning, hard work and a bit of sheer luck. For Zak, being in the water with his camera when the next big swell rolls through is a lifestyle; it’s an art, and it’s a passion.

Living Water
Created by Three Tree Creative. 2020. Hawaiʻi. 4 min.
The Wave and The Human. We take refuge in the space beneath the chaos of powerful white water storms. Below the turbulent surface, lies peaceful clear water. As we continue toward an unknowable future, we will strive to find the calm beneath the chaos.

Sisters of Surf 2020
Directed by Ramon Brockington. 2020. Hawaiʻi. 6 min.
A small circle of women on the Island of Oahu share what it means to be a mother, medical professional, and surfer!

Waikīkī Groms
Directed by Nick Cribbs. 2020. Hawaiʻi. 2 min.
Our Waikīkī surfers shredding and demonstrating classic hawaii longboarding skills to the max

Being Kind Is Cool
Directed by Bronson Lau. Original music by James Musselman. 2020. Waikīkī, Hawaiʻi. 3 min.
A day in the life short film about the community that exists at Canoes, Waikīkī.

Life Below
Directed by Aaron Yoshimura. 2020. Oahu, Hawaiʻi. 2 min.
Many have seen the ocean— its wondrous, endless blue expanse— but few have ventured beneath its surface. Dive into life below through the single breath of a Freediver.

This stream can also be accessed here.