Soda Firing • CRJV18210

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Class Name :

Soda Firing • CRJV18210

Class Date :

May 19 - August 04

Meeting Times :

Sat 10am–1pm (12 sessions)

Class Location :

Ceramics Studio

Instructor :

Jon Vongvichai

Price :


About this Class:

Develop aesthetics in form and function as it relates to the nuances of the soda fire process. Classes will include discussions of the firing process and theory, aiding to successful soda kiln experimentation.

Students are expected to load, fire, spray and be involved with other aspects of the kiln process to increase their understanding. This may include outside regular class hours. Students should reasonably be able to center their own clay. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced skill levels. 

Tools and clay: Tuition does not include tools or clay. Students must purchase all clay from the Art School. Limit of six bags (150 pounds) per semester.

Studio use: Students enrolled in a ceramics class may use the studio during posted Open Studio hours.

Artwork by Jon Vongvichai

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