Drawing + Painting

  • Advanced Soft Pastel • DPHI18211

    Learn to create your own sanded ground, use pastel for three different under-painting techniques and reclaim broken pastels. Students work from their own photos or objects. Experience with soft pastels is necessary.   Supplies: Bring your own professional soft pastels. The first night, brin...

    Helen Iaea  
    May. 19-Jun. 23
    Sat 9am–noon (6 sessions) Past_exhib_su18_dp_1
  • Creative Drawing & Painting • DPJN18212

    This class emphasizes individual projects in any drawing or painting media. Explore your creativity and find solutions to your individual goals. Group exercises and discussions enhance the one-on-one instruction. Take another step with more painting, more drawing...more art. Supply List Art...

    Janetta Napp  
    May. 15-Jun. 19
    Tue 6–9pm (6 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Intro to Watercolor • DPCZ18213

    Experience the luminescence, spontaneity and immediacy of watercolor while sharpening your perceptions and sense of light and color. We progress through a series of exercises designed to lay the foundation for understanding and enjoying this famously difficult medium. We’ll develop ...

    Chris Zorn  
    May. 16-Jun. 20
    Wed 6–9pm (6 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Intro to Watercolor • DPJT18214

    Explore the possibilities of watercolor painting. Students are introduced to the principals of design and composition. Demonstrations and exercises will guide students to create classic transparent watercolor washes. Students will learn how the subtle accumulation of paint can create light, s...

    Jimmy Tablante  
    May. 14-Jul. 30
    Mon 9am–noon (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Intro to Oil Painting • DPKK18215

    Based on the model of the Parisian “atelier,” this course offers a space where the student can express creativity and learn the basics oil painting. Through several simple exercises, still lifes, portraits or self-portraits, and a constant practice of painting, we will experie...

    Kosta Kulundzic  
    Jul. 7-Aug. 11
    Sat 9am–noon (6 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Life Drawing Studio • DPMN18216

    Drawing from a live model is a classical technique that sharpens and improves drawing ability. Each session includes a series of poses, some brief to practice gesture drawing and others lasting more than an hour. Presentation topics cover visual measurement, selection of materials, drawing te...

    Mark Norseth  
    May. 17-Aug. 16
    Thu 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_su18_dp_6
  • Painting Everyday People • DPMN18218

    In the spirit of painters such as Edgar Degas, this studio class explores the human figure by having you create and paint true-to-life situations. Using live models in the studio, our subjects may be working, resting, reading or dressing.  The normal activities that make up life will be ...

    Mark Norseth  
    May. 14-Aug. 13
    Mon 1–4pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_su18_dp_7
  • Painting & Drawing the Portrait • DPMN18219

    Explore portrait painting with a live model. Instruction introduces a practical and professional approach to portraiture. Topics include anatomy and structure, lighting, palette set up, color arrangement, color mixing, brushwork, and tips to optimize your ability to see and paint the human he...

    Mark Norseth  
    May. 15-Aug. 14
    Tue 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Painting 1+2 • DPJG18220

    Learn about contemporary and Old Master techniques in a relaxed, upbeat environment. Beginning students are introduced to oil or acrylic painting in a simplified, painless way. Advanced students are guided in the development of their own artistic vision and personal expression. Students often...

    James Goodman  
    May. 15-Jul. 31
    Tue 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_su18_dp_9
  • Travel Sketching • DPTM18213

    Learn basic drawing techniques to create a memorable record of your travels. We’ll focus on sketching subjects you'll find on the road—landscape, architecture, figures, and objects—and give you experience with a variety of materials. You'll learn how to creatively conquer challe...

    Tamara Moan  
    May. 19-Jun. 23
    Sat 1–4pm (6 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • The Art of Western Calligraphy • DPCZ18221

    Learn the basics of this ancient art of “beautiful handwriting” while synchronizing your mind and body and cultivating inner calm. A single alphabet in its historical and contemporary form is used as the focus while different tools and techniques are used for practice. The study a...

    Chris Zorn  
    Jul. 5-Aug. 9
    Thu 6–9pm (6 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image