Figure Drawing • DPAL163A06

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    Artwork by Anthony Lee

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    Artwork by Anthony Lee

Class Name :

Figure Drawing • DPAL163A06

Class Date :

September 09 - December 16

Meeting Times :

Fri 9am–noon

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Anthony Lee

Price :


About this Class:

Class • Fri 9am–noon • Sep 9–Dec 16 • 14 sessions • $335 • Room 201

No class Oct 14

This course addresses essential drawing principles and relates them to the human figure in pictorial space. Students gain an in-depth understanding of the body’s underlying anatomical structure and geometry. Students address volume, movement, proportion, perspective, light notation, and anatomy while drawing from a live model. Processes taught include: gesture drawing, contour drawing, and full-value drawing.

Supply List

Artwork by Anthony Lee

Artwork by Dom Bracken

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