Drawing Real Life • DPJD172A21

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Class Name :

Drawing Real Life • DPJD172A21

Class Date :

May 20 - August 12

Meeting Times :

Sat 10am–1pm (13 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 202

Instructor :

Jan Dickey

Price :


About this Class:

Begin to really see the objects and spaces before your eyes, and draw them on paper. In this class we work toward achieving drawings with realistic proportion, perspective, and value. Jan Dickey pulls from classical and contemporary methods of drawing instruction to teach students how to understand their optical experience and translate that understanding into realistic works of art. Compositional design will also be emphasized in each project, as students are encouraged to realize their own distinct ways of seeing and depicting the real world. No previous drawing experience is necessary, but this class also welcomes experienced sketchers.

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Artwork by student

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