Encaustic Painting • DPSS172W14

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Class Name :

Encaustic Painting • DPSS172W14

Class Date :

June 11 - July 16

Meeting Times :

Sun 9am–noon (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Sandy Simonian

Price :



About this Class:

Demonstrations of new techniques will introduce students to the basics of encaustic wax painting. Included are encaustic methods including stenciling, image transfer, tracings, mark making and embedding

Supply Fee: $40 supply fee paid to instructor

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Instructor Bio
Honolulu artist Sandy Simonian has expertise in jewelry and fashion design.

While visiting the Venice Biennial, she was seduced by an encaustic painting she saw—the beautiful translucency, layering and textures of the medium of bee’s wax, resin and pigment spoke to her and sparked her desire to learn this medium. Sandy immersed herself in “everything encaustic,” learning advanced techniques in classes with prominent artists working in the medium. Sandy enjoys creating curious and mysterious surfaces with depth of line and color and is always exploring new possibilities. Sandy draws inspiration from anatomy, science and nature. She is influenced by her photographic images of her exotic travels to distant lands.

Artwork by Sandy Simonian

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