It's All About the Stroke • 152W13

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Class :

It's All About the Stroke • 152W13

Class Date :

June 24 - July 29

Meeting Times :

Wed 6–9pm

Class Location :

Rm 203

Instructor :

Tom Tong

Class Size :

4 spaces remain

Price :



About this Class:

Workshop / 6 sessions / $125 / Room 203 / Wed 6–9pm / Jun 24–Jul 29

This workshop focuses on practicing the strokes of Chinese calligraphy and ink brush painting, guiding you to a deeper understanding of what makes East Asian Art so unique. Each individual stroke can be an artwork in itself. Learn how to use the strokes from different calligraphic styles to create your own ink brush painting. No prior knowledge of Chinese characters is necessary, this class is open to all.

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