Mapping Your Life: Giving Shape to Experience • 152W22

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Class :

Mapping Your Life: Giving Shape to Experience • 152W22

Class Date :

May 24 - May 24

Meeting Times :

Sun 10am-4pm

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Tamara Moan

Class Size :

0 spaces remain

Price :


This class is currently unavailable.
Please contact the admin office at (808)532-8741 for more information.

About this Class:

Workshop / 1 session / $95 / Room 201 / Sun 10am–4pm / May 24

Let maps be more than a navigation tool! We'll use the map format as an expressive guide to personal experience. Writing and visual exercises will help you unearth the shape of your unique journey. Learn how to incorporate text, line, color, and found imagery into a two-dimensional depiction of time and space.

Supplies: notepaper, pencils, paints (acrylics or tempera), scissors, glue stick or white glue, 18- by 24-inch paper (two sheets), collage papers/images, any other favorite art supplies


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