Sketch Book Drawing Techniques / Sun 1-4pm • DPSG163A17

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Class Name :

Sketch Book Drawing Techniques / Sun 1-4pm • DPSG163A17

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Sun 1–4pm

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Sergio Garzon

Price :


Registration begins August 2 10am

About this Class:

Class • Sun 1–4pm • Sep 11–Dec 11 • 13 sessions • $270 • Room 201

No class Nov 27

Explore sketchbook art through the Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran drawing method, which emphasizes visual memory exercises and speed, in this rigorous drawing class. Learn how to quickly capture a subject using color washes and inking techniques. Learn accurate scaling, atmospheric perspective and design techniques that will improve your ability to sketch.

Supply List

Artwork by Sergio Garzon

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