Sketch Book Drawing Techniques / Thu 1-4pm • DPSG163A18

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    Artwork by Sergio Garzon

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    Artwork by Sergio Garzon

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    Artwork by Sergio Garzon

Class Name :

Sketch Book Drawing Techniques / Thu 1-4pm • DPSG163A18

Class Date :

September 08 - December 15

Meeting Times :

Thu 1–4pm

Class Location :

Room 200

Instructor :

Sergio Garzon

Price :


About this Class:

Class • Thu 1–4pm • Sep 8-Dec 15 • 13 sessions • $270 • Room 200

No class Oct 13 & Nov 24

Learn quick and easy techniques to improve your drawing skills, while capturing your daily life in a sketchbook.

This class has lots to offer! Together, we will practice exercises and techniques such as color washes, drawing and inking.  Learn accurate scaling, perspective and color theory. We will also draw at near by sites such as beach parks, botanical gardens, Chinatown and the Art Museum. This fun class lastly offers access to a live model in order to learn accurate anatomy and is all backed up by an online blog that keeps summaries of all our sessions in class for reviewing purposes.

Come and join us, you'll love it!

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Artwork by Sergio Garzon

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