Sketch Book Drawing Techniques (Sun) • DPSG171A36

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Class Name :

Sketch Book Drawing Techniques (Sun) • DPSG171A36

Class Date :

January 22 - May 07

Meeting Times :

Sun 1-4pm

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Sergio Garzon

Price :


Registration begins December 13 at 10am

About this Class:

Class • Sun 1-4pm • Jan 22-May 7 • 14 sessions • $280 • Room 201

No class Mar 26 & Apr 16

Explore sketchbook art through the Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran drawing method, which emphasizes visual memory exercises and speed, in this rigorous drawing class. Learn how to quickly capture a subject using color washes and inking techniques. Learn accurate scaling, atmospheric perspective and design techniques that will improve your ability to sketch.

Supply List

Artwork by Sergio Garzon

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