Projects in Ink • DPTT172W31

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Class Name :

Projects in Ink • DPTT172W31

Class Date :

June 03 - June 04

Meeting Times :

Sat–Sun 10am–4pm (2 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Tom Tong

Price :



About this Class:

Create their own artwork using the techniques of Chinese ink brush painting. Choose your favorite subject—landscape, flowers, animals, portrait, etc.—and learn how to design and compose your own ink brush painting using detailed or freehand style.

Supply list: 

  • Chinese brushes: 1 or 2 stiff hair, 1 or 2 soft hair 

  • Liquid Chinese ink (or ink stick with ink stone) 

  • Chinese colors (watercolors are OK) 

  • Rice paper or other absorbent paper 

  • Containers/dishes: 2 or 3 for holding water and mixing 

  • Paperweights: 2 for holding down the paper 

  • Underlayment: felt or thick cloth to place under paper (old white t-shirts work well too).


Some supplies available for purchase from instructor.

Artwork by Tom Tong

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