Travel Sketching • 153W37

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Class :

Travel Sketching • 153W37

Class Date :

October 04 - October 04

Meeting Times :

Sun 10am-4pm

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Tamara Moan

Class Size :

0 spaces remain

Price :


This class is currently unavailable.
Please contact the admin office at (808)532-8741 for more information.

About this Class:

Workshop / 1 session / $95 / Room 203 / Sun 10am-4pm / Oct 4

One of the best ways to memorialize a trip is to keep a sketchbook. Drawings absorb and reflect places and experiences in ways that go beyond photos or a written journal. Learn techniques for capturing architecture, people, landscapes and quotidian details such as food and objects of daily living. Practice your new skills with a trip through the museum, making a record of the day's journey. 

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