Yoga + Art • DPAD172W35

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Class Name :

Yoga + Art • DPAD172W35

Class Date :

June 04 - July 09

Meeting Times :

Sun 10am–1pm (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 202

Instructor :

Abbey Day

Price :



About this Class:

Many of the principles that guide yoga—observation, focus, following one's intuition, and being non-judgmental—will be practiced through movement and then applied to art making. Each week, students will first participate in a 45-minute hatha yoga class and then create an artwork related to the week's theme. Students will create artwork in watercolor, pen, and collage. The class is open to all levels of yogis and artists. 

Supplies: Watercolor sketchbook, watercolor set and brush, gel pen, yoga mat, and beach towel.

Images by Abbey Day

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