Multi-cultural Folk Tales and Narrative Collage • DPSL162A22

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Class Name :

Multi-cultural Folk Tales and Narrative Collage • DPSL162A22

Class Date :

May 21 - July 09

Meeting Times :

Sat 1–4pm

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Suzanne Langford

Price :



About this Class:

Class / Sat 1-4pm / May 21-July 9 / 8 sessions / $145 / Room 201

In this class we will read, write, and make art: a series of narrative collages that explore the relationships among story (the folk tale); our interpretations of the natural world including our fears and dreams; and selected art elements and design principles. It is widely believed that information transmitted through images and metaphors such as stories (vs. direct communication), is effective in creating change in our minds and behavior. We will examine how different kinds of folktales might serve us and their relevance to selected issues in our lives from "How do we live?" to "How do we die?"

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