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Class Name :

Class Date :

May 19 - June 23

Meeting Times :

Sat 1–4pm (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 200

Instructor :

Tamara Moan

Price :


About this Class:

Learn basic drawing techniques to create a memorable record of your travels. We’ll focus on sketching subjects you'll find on the road—landscape, architecture, figures, and objects—and give you experience with a variety of materials. You'll learn how to creatively conquer challenges like limited space, lack of time, poor light and inclement weather. During the course, we'll also build at least two types of handmade travel journals for storing your impressions and experiences.

Supply list:

Drawing pencils (3B or softer)

Fine tip drawing pen (Micron or fine Sharpie)

Water soluble pencil(s) and/or pen

Water barrel brush (like Sakura brand)

Sketchbook (9x12 or smaller)


*Please note this class was listed as "The Art of Travel" in the catalog

Artwork by Tamara Moan

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