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Class Name :

Class Date :

July 05 - August 09

Meeting Times :

Thu 6–9pm (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Chris Zorn

Price :


About this Class:

Learn the basics of this ancient art of “beautiful handwriting” while synchronizing your mind and body and cultivating inner calm. A single alphabet in its historical and contemporary form is used as the focus while different tools and techniques are used for practice. The study and practice of the letter forms with the broad-edged pen is complemented by design exercises to explore color, texture, and rhythm. In a contemplative atmosphere, emphasis is placed on the balance between the discipline of precise form and the freedom of artistic expression.

NOTE: Beginning students will work toward understanding the underlying form and geometry of the hands we study and becoming familiar with the basic tools. Experienced students will continue to internalize the forms while developing methods of creatively altering rhythm and movement and exploring different tools.

Supply List

Supply Fee: $15 supply fee paid on first day of class. Fee covers specific calligraphy supplies.

Artwork by Chris Zorn

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