Botanical Drawing • July 25 & 26 • Thu & Fri 10am–5pm • DPRB192L05

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Class Name :

Botanical Drawing • July 25 & 26 • Thu & Fri 10am–5pm • DPRB192L05

Class Date :

July 25 - July 26

Meeting Times :

Thu & Fri 10-5PM

Class Location :

Room 202

Instructor :

Regina Bode

Price :

$220.00 General

$210.00 Members

Select Price :


About this Class:

Delve into the beauty of nature and explore the art of botanical drawing. Students will be introduced to techniques like single light source toning technique and principles of perspective to capture the details of flowers and plants.

There will be a brief look at the history of botanical drawing and famous artists like Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717) and how their work influenced the world of botany and art. Sketching trips to the Honolulu Museum of Art sculpture garden will be included.


Materials to bring:

Sketch book (9x12)

Water color paper (9x12 or larger)

Water colors (tubes preferred)

Water color brushes (fine: size 2, 4, 6)

Color pencils (not water soluble)

Pencils: H, B, 2B, eraser (hard and soft), pencil sharpener

Fine ink pen (optional)


LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Two (2) weeks before the first day of class.

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