Finding Your Muse • July 10-Aug 14 • Wed 9-12pm • DPTM192L09

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Class Name :

Finding Your Muse • July 10-Aug 14 • Wed 9-12pm • DPTM192L09

Class Date :

July 10 - August 14

Meeting Times :

Wed 9-12PM

Class Location :

Room 200

Instructor :

Tamara Moan

Price :

$165.00 General

$155.00 Members

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About this Class:

Using the museum building and its collections as a primary resource, this class explores ways to find inspiration and spark your own artistry. Most sessions will involve a museum visit—to become familiar with a category of work, a specific artist, or a time period or technique—as well as classroom exercises for generating ideas and personal content. After the initial weeks of exploration, you'll use your preferred medium to complete a final project.

Supplies to bring: A sketchbook and something to write/draw with for the first sessions. Students can bring their favorite medium to work with in later weeks.


LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Two (2) weeks before the first day of class.

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