Wash Drawing for the Timid • July 11–Aug 15 • Thu 1–4pm • DPJB192L24

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Class Name :

Wash Drawing for the Timid • July 11–Aug 15 • Thu 1–4pm • DPJB192L24

Class Date :

July 11 - August 15

Meeting Times :

Thu 1-4pm

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Jonathan Busse

Price :

$165.00 General

$155.00 Members

We are no longer accepting registrations for this class. If you are interesting in learning about other available classes please email us at artschool@honolulumuseum.org.

About this Class:

Individual guidance and encouragement is offered as you develop fundamental skills in a structured, step-by-step format utilizing basic drawing and monochromatic washes to paint simple objects. Demonstrations, exercises, and assignments are designed to increase confidence in drawing and various wash techniques. Explore the simplicity of a single color to render objects in a realistic manner.

Supply List


Activities required at scheduled times other than class times:

Two (2) homework projects will be assigned, one every three weeks.


Course Goals

Student learning outcomes for the course are:

1. To guide the student in developing a workable technique for realistic wash drawing.

2. To help students build self-confidence in their ability to successfully complete a realistic wash drawing.


Course Objectives

Students will learn:

1. proper use and care of watercolor materials.

2. various painting techniques: wet into wet, dry brush, splatter techniques, etc.

3. techniques for creating even and graded washes.

4. layering techniques for creating a monochromatic wash drawing.

5. ways to improve their drawing skills to “see” like an artist.

6. to “see” and draw shapes and arrange them for dramatic compositions.


LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Two (2) weeks before the first day of class.

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