Kiln Forming for Fun • GLMK172A90

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Class Name :

Kiln Forming for Fun • GLMK172A90

Class Date :

May 16 - August 22

Meeting Times :

Tue 6–9pm (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Marie Kastensmith

Price :


About this Class:

No class July 4

This class is an introduction to tools, glass-cutting techniques and kiln-forming practice in hands-on sessions, with an emphasis on techniques to make designs for impressions in the glass.

Techniques explored include use of felt paper, Kaiser Lee Board, inclusions, voids, color and powder manipulation and special cutting guides.

Students will also learn about project design, glass types and selection, kiln and mold preparation, firing schedules, annealing, compatibility testing and cold working your glass art.

Artwork by Marie Kastensmith

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