Light Painting Workshop • PHCR163W64

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    Image by Chris Roher

Class Name :

Light Painting Workshop • PHCR163W64

Class Date :

November 01 - November 08

Meeting Times :

Tue 7–10pm

Class Location :

Community Room

Instructor :

Chris Rohrer

Price :

$80.00 Default

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About this Class:

Workshop • Tue 7–10pm • Nov 1–8 • 2 sessions • $80 • Community Room

Light painting is a photographic technique that allows you to draw with light trails during a long exposure. We will work together and experiment with a variety of light sources such as flashlights, colored flashes, programmable led light sticks and other DIY light modifiers that we will build in class. Each light source has its own unique look and allows you to creatively manipulate light within your photographs. A camera with manual controls, led flashlight, and tripod are recommended. Includes a “Universal Light Painting Connector.”

Requirements: a camera with long exposure and a tripod have them bring a flashlight.

Image by Chris Rohrer

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