Gemology • MJBR163A41

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    Image by Brenda Reichel

Class Name :

Gemology • MJBR163A41

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Sun 1–4pm

Class Location :

Metals Lab

Instructor :

Brenda Reichel

Price :


About this Class:

Class • Sun 1–4pm • Sep 11–Dec 11 • 14 sessions • $280 • Community Room

Learn how to identify gemstones: black diamonds, pink diamonds, blue, yellow, and even chocolate diamonds. Find out the right questions to ask to be a discriminating shopper. Learn about tanzanite, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, mystical gems, and how they are graded and cut. Additional topics: Gemstone lore, jade, Hawaiian jewelry, Ni‘ihau shell lei, and precious metals. Beginners and repeat students welcome.

Image by Brenda Reichel

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