10 Washi Explorer • PBHS181L95

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Class Name :

10 Washi Explorer • PBHS181L95

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Mon 9am–noon (13 sessions)

Class Location :

Metals Lab

Instructor :

Jim Friedman

Price :


About this Class:

Wax Carving / Lost Wax Casting  • MJJF173A92

In this introduction to wax carving and the lost wax casting process, students learn to use carving tools, sprue and tree strategies, the investment process, casting technique, and finishing.

No class Oct 9

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Where: All classes are held in the Art School Metals studio.

Tools & Supplies: Silver and other metals may be purchased from the Art School for additional fees.

Open Studio: Students must have completed one introductory metals course at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and must be currently enrolled in a class to attend.

Artwork by Maura Takeshita

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