Altered Books • PBTM163W17

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    Artwork by Tamara Moan

Class Name :

Altered Books • PBTM163W17

Class Date :

September 25 - October 02

Meeting Times :

Sun 1–4pm

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Tamara Moan

Price :


About this Class:

Workshop • Sun 1–4pm • Sep 25–Oct 2 • 2 sessions • $50 • Room 102

Transform old books into something new using painting, cutting, drawing, stamping, collage and narrative techniques. In addition to altering individual pages, you'll learn to make storage pockets, insets, and drawers from the raw material of pages. Be inspired by the original book's content or create something entirely new from your imagination. Your altered book can be used as a journal, ledger, sketchbook or shared and admired as a completed work of art.

Supplies: old hard-bound book with at least 100 pages, x-acto blade, scissors, pencil, ruler, basic set of acrylic paints, brushes, glue (ex: glue stick, PVA, Elmer's), optional: rubber stamps, stamp pads


Artwork by Tamara Moan

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