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Class Name :

Class Date :

July 30 - July 30

Meeting Times :

Sat 10am-2pm

Class Location :

Spalding House Studio

Instructor :

Allison Roscoe

Price :


About this Class:

Intro to Papermaking / Jul 30 • PBAR162W48

Workshop / 1 session / $50 / Spalding House / Sat 10am-2pm / Jul 30

Learn to create unique sheets of (Western-style) paper with moulds and deckles and a variety of fibers pulped in a Hollander beater. The history of papermaking and its contemporary uses as an art-making material will be discussed. Be prepared to get wet, have fun, and make sheets of art paper that can be used for drawing, painting, printmaking and 3-D constructions. Paper needs to dry overnight. You must come the next day to gather your dried papers and make a collaborative class book.

+$15 supply fee paid to instructor

Image by Duncan Dempster

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