Waxed Paper • PBAS172W56

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Class Name :

Waxed Paper • PBAS172W56

Class Date :

June 10 - June 11

Meeting Times :

Sat 9am–1pm & Sun 1–4pm ( 2 sessions)

Class Location :

Annex & Room 203

Instructor :

Allison Roscoe & Sandy Simonian

Price :



About this Class:

Learn to create unique sheets of Western-style paper with moulds and deckles and a variety of fibers pulped in a Hollander beater. The history of papermaking and its contemporary uses as an art-making material will be discussed. Be prepared to get wet and have fun. Come back on Sunday for an introduction to the basics of encaustic and learn to transfer laser images to your paper.

Supplies for Wax day

  1. One large 8oz can of butane fuel (Long’s or City Mill).
  2. Tools for scraping and incising surface of wax such as pottery tools, etching needle, dental type tools, scissor and X-acto knife. Burnishing tool or metal spoon.
  3. Anything you have around the house: screen, perforated drywall tape, stencils, xerox copies of images, rolling sewing markers.
  4. Cut up old T-shirts or cotton fabric for cleanup. VIVA brand paper towels also work (Long’s).

Supply Fee: $15 paid to Allison Roscoe, $10 paid to Sandy Simonian

Artwork by Sandy Simonian

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