Origami Art 2: Beginner Contemporary • PBSM163W23

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    Artwork by Scott Macri

Class Name :

Origami Art 2: Beginner Contemporary • PBSM163W23

Class Date :

October 27 - December 08

Meeting Times :

Thu 6–9pm

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Scott Macri

Price :



About this Class:

Workshop • Thu 6–9pm • Oct 27–Dec 8 • 6 sessions • $120 • Room 203

No class Nov 24

This course will start with a short overview of traditional origami, and then go into origami as a contemporary art, covering such topics as new bases, models, and other sub-genres like modular, tessellations, and curves. Difficulty is kept at a beginner level. Cursory lessons of origami terminology, organizations, history, and artists will also be covered.

Origami text ($10-$30), paper ($5-$15), and custom paper kit ($15) required.

Artwork by Scott Macri

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