Experimental Photography: Cyanotype • PHLL163W61

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    Artwork by Lila Lee

Class Name :

Experimental Photography: Cyanotype • PHLL163W61

Class Date :

September 13 - October 18

Meeting Times :

Tue 1-4pm

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Lila Lee

Price :


About this Class:

Workshop • Tue 1-4pm • Sep 13–Oct 18 • 6 sessions • $160 • Room 102

This course explores a photographic printing process, from 1842, called a cyanotype for it’s cyan-toned print. Students will create cyanotypes through different techniques such as photograms and large digital negatives on paper. Through guided critiques we will discuss tones, exposure times, and compositions made throughout the course. Includes cyanotype kit.

Artwork by Lila Lee

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