Polyester-plate Printmaking • PMNM171W54

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Class Name :

Polyester-plate Printmaking • PMNM171W54

Class Date :

March 28 - May 02

Meeting Times :

Tue 9am-noon

Class Location :

Printmaking Studio

Instructor :

Noah Matteucci

Price :


About this Class:

Workshop • Tue 9am-noon • Mar 28-May 2 • 6 sessions • $135 • Printmaking Studio

Polyester-plate printing is a nontoxic, quick and easy approach to lithography. In this introductory class, students work directly on the surface of the plate, experimenting with digital and hand-drawn marks and materials. Images made with pens, crayons, ink washes, laser printers, and photocopiers can all be printed with polyester plates.

Supply list

Artwork by Bebba Vamvounakis

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