Board Game Printing • PMNM171A45

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Class Name :

Board Game Printing • PMNM171A45

Class Date :

March 14 - May 02

Meeting Times :

Tue 6-9pm

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Noah Matteucci

Price :


About this Class:

Class • Tue 6-9pm • Mar 14- May 2 • 7 sessions • $175 • Room 102

No class March 21

In this project-based class, students work together to design, draw and screen print an edition of board games. The edition will be limited to the number of students enrolled and each game will include a screen-printed board, a deck of cards, a custom-made box, an instruction page, and playing pieces. Recommended for printmakers, book artists, and teachers.

Image by Noah Matteucci

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