10 What a Relief! Color Prints • PMLS181L60

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Class Name :

10 What a Relief! Color Prints • PMLS181L60

Class Date :

November 06 - December 04

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 202

Instructor :

Dieter Runge

Price :


About this Class:

This class explores the connection between art and rock ’n’ roll by learning about bands and musicians who got their start in art school, then used concepts learned in school in the realm of rock ’n’ roll and changing its course. We will examine examples through audio, video, lecture and stories and create our own work in the studio. We also examine the collaboration between artists and musicians expressed through album covers and posters.

The Velvet Underground / Andy Warhol
Richard Metzger / The Who
Richard Hamilton / Roxy Music, Brian Ferry, Brian Eno
Rhode Island School of Design / Talking Heads
Sonic Youth / Kim Gordon
DIY / Art and Punk

In the studio: Students work on their own ideas and concepts through writing, drawing, collage, Xerox, or risograph to develop their ideas and design band posters, record covers, video or to create a band concept, maybe start a band out of the class.

Artist bio
Dieter Runge
has played in bands since high school. He was in one of the first German punk bands and in 1978 moved to New York where he became an integral part of the CBGB, Max’s Kansas City and 80s East Village scene. He recorded several records and numerous videos, and created posters, album covers and a series of rock ’n’ roll woodcuts.

Artwork by Dieter Runge

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