6 Turning Small Stuff (2) • WTAC181S32

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Class Name :

6 Turning Small Stuff (2) • WTAC181S32

Class Date :

June 10 - June 24

Meeting Times :

Sat 10am–4pm (3 sessions)

Class Location :

Spalding House

Instructor :

Barret Werk

Price :


About this Class:

Bamboo Bike Frame Building / Jun 10-24 • WTBW172W04

Build a strong, lightweight bike frame out of locally grown bamboo using modern composite joinery. Learn techniques to join bamboo using epoxy and natural fibers to create durable high strength joinery comparable to metal-to-metal welds. Topics covered include: safe handling of epoxy and tools, proper bamboo selection and preparation, frame builders jig set-up, cutting and tube miters, creation of natural fiber composite lugs, component compatibility and finishing techniques. Class is limited to six students.

Supply fee options:

A. $350 build & take home your own bike frame - (4 frames max per class)

B. $75 instruction only

Registrar will be in contact regarding supply fee prior to the start of class.

Parking is FREE in the The Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House parking lot. You do not need a parking pass.

Need a parking pass? Buy one here!